APM Symposium 2019 Event Poster lowAt APM’s Fall 2019 Symposium, participants will also have a chance to see and hear about several  marketing tools that can help you engage, connect and amaze with today’s consumers.

The list includes:

BombBomb, a video email marketing platform that records, sends and tracks videos for your clients. Vlogs (video blogs) are an amazing way to stay relevant in today’s tech-driven world. It offers a way of connecting that we’ve never had before. This type of communication places you at the center of the sales process and gets you face to face with the people who matter most – your current and prospective clients!

Loan officers and coaches who have used BombBomb have had great success with the platform. It’s a fabulous complement to cold calling because it allows you to place a personal touch on a video. For example, you can record and send a video to a realtor in your area who went to your alma mater or shares your love for a sports team. A loan officer in Houston did just that. He found 20 realtors he wanted to connect with, did a little research on them and sent personalized BombBomb videos to each one. Out of the 20 “cold” videos he sent, he secured face-to-face meetings with 14 realtors. That’s an outstanding rate for any blank approach!

Homebot is a financial dashboard that can open a homeowner’s eyes when it comes to their options. The premise is simple: you upload your spreadsheet of existing clients and prospective leads into Homebot and the program generates customized monthly reports. These reports include everything from how much that homeowner would need if they wanted to purchase a new home to the rate they could potentially receive if they listed their current home on Airbnb.

Like BombBomb, the value of Homebot is being able to communicate effectively with leads and current clients by providing them with valuable, relevant information that can help them make informed decisions. Loan officers who have used this product say the beauty is in the automation. After entering the data, Homebot does the rest, generating reports, reaching out to contacts and providing them with updates. One loan officer noted he closed 16 transactions after launching the Homebot program. He also noted the software was like having an extra employee in the office – something we could all use!

Mortgage Coach is the analysis assistant that can make your job a lot easier. The tool creates a total cost analysis based on a borrower’s profile and objectives, leaving you feeling confident that you’re able to present every scenario. Even if you’ve already determined a borrower’s options, the Mortgage Coach platform lets you present this information in an easy-to-understand screenshot that can be sent to any of their devices. It’s fast, in real-time and intuitive. These are not assets to be overlooked in today’s technology era.

Faster analysis and communication means faster conversion for you. It also positions you as an expert who can advise your clients on their best options based off this total cost analysis, thereby building trust. One loan officer who has used this digital-based borrower conversion platform for the past 21 years stated he has added “well over 1,000 loans” to his production pipeline thanks to the tool.

Total Expert empowers loan officers to build relationships that turn customers into customers for life – and that’s what we’re after! This tool is all about the customer experience as its marketing operating system creates personalized, humanized outreach messages to connect you with prospective clients. Total Expert doesn’t focus on the dryness of a loan transaction. Rather, it emphasizes what that loan can do for the borrower. That starts with empowering your clients.

This platform leverages data to anticipate a consumer’s forward-looking needs, which also provides consistent opportunities for LOs to check in with these clients as needs change. If you can increase your customer retention by just 5 percent, you can increase your profits by as much as 25 percent – and Total Expert is here to help you do that. Total Expert is a CRM and marketing platform all in one. It also works seamlessly with outside tools like BombBomb. Loan officers throughout the country have lauded Total Expert for its ease of use, and for the ability to “set it and forget it.” Technology works best when automation works for you. You can make that happen with Total Expert.

Not all of these tools will be right for every LO. Getting plugged in at an industry event like Symposium is a great opportunity to network with others that might have already implemented these tools so you can gather some first-hand feedback from existing users.  These events are filled with opportunities to connect with others who will share their experience and best practices to help you execute quickly.

If you’re interested in attending Symposium, you can find all the details here:


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