Things Are Looking ‘Up’


We all want to provide value-add service to our clients. The kind that lets them know, “hey, you can depend on me. I got this.” Whether that takes the form of answering questions, providing speedy responses or following up to make sure they’re on track, being of assistance in a time of need is what […]

The Forecast Calls For Focus


One of the nice things about the traditional holiday slowdown is it allows you to take a breath. We’re typically going 100 miles per hour and have limited time to focus on anything that doesn’t score an 8.5 or above on the priority scale. A little less chaos means a lot more time to get […]

You Already Have Everything You Need


The universal truth is we are already equipped with everything we need to get the job done. This is called operating from a place of abundance. It’s also like the glass-is-half-full approach. There are those who live from a scarcity mindset and those who practice an abundance mindset. There’s a big difference between the two. […]

The New Year Is Around The Corner

A goal without a plan is just a dream, as we all know. Identify the top three things you really want to accomplish this year and get to task.


Can you believe it’s early November? Somehow, the holiday season always creeps up on us. One minute we’re attending a beginning-of-summer barbecue, the next minute we’re putting away Halloween costumes, and then we blink and we realize our New Year’s resolutions are already blown and it’s Feb. 1! Don’t let this happen to you yet […]

You’re Being Audited


Top-line revenue growth doesn’t happen by accident. Instead, it takes conscious effort to ensure all your processes are streamlined for maximum effectiveness. This begins with a pro-active self-audit. Be honest. How diligently do you check in with clients? Can they depend on you to answer all their questions? If so, are you answering those questions […]