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Happiness may not start at work, but it certainly doesn’t end there, either

darren-nolander-happy-lifeThe UN released its World Happiness Report on the heels of World Happiness Day, about a month after its World Happiness meeting. Wow. That’s a lot of happy. Don’t quit smiling yet, however. Norway took first place this year among the world’s happiest countries, giving us a lot to learn from our Nordic brethren.

Among the top things we can learn is that Norwegians tend to be happy in spite of bad things happening. This is because they prepare for the worst but maintain a positive attitude and a general trust that most people they encounter do not want to do them harm.

They also ranked high when evaluated on income, life expectancy, relationships with friends and freedom. While these categories apply to many attributes within our lives, they most definitely display themselves in the work environment.

Creating goals surrounding these categories may allow you to increase your own overall ranking. The harder and smarter you work, the more your income is likely to rise. The more income you earn and business you build, the more freedom you have to control your own schedule and destiny. The more relationships you build, the easier it is to maintain a strong pipeline of clients – and the happier you’ll be if you enjoy the people you work with. The more you enjoy your work, colleagues and work environment, the more satisfied you’ll be with your position in life overall, which can lead to a longer life expectancy (barring injury or illness).

We know there is much more that goes into these categories than simply your attitude toward work, but the study does point to some valuable ways you can increase your happiness on both a macro and micro level. There’s no need to check happiness at the door when you enter the office. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Embracing a positive attitude however and whenever possible can yield significant results in all aspects of life.


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