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Dave Savage recently posted an interview with Bill Hart. It’s only a 10-minute interview, but it’s chalked full of some really good content. So good, the Resource TV invited Dave up for the day to shoot this show!

The Resource TV has also been talking a lot lately about the need for more listings and to move buyers along. This was most recently the case in the Good News For Homeowners – Bad News for Buyers show. Dave and Bill spoke directly to this in the interview, referencing a relevant concept called “Dual Markets.” Some of you may have heard of this. After all, it’s from the book Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall, which was released earlier this year.

This innovative concept may not apply to all markets, but it does for many of them! Watch this edition to understand the value of dual markets and how they may work for you. They can present an incredible opportunity. But here’s the problem, homeowners don’t know about them! Let’s fix that problem!

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