Are You Agile Enough?


Agility comes in many forms, but the end result is the same. Are you a fast thinker and an even faster mover, regardless of the situation at hand? Do you have the ability to pivot, or will you forge on through your plotted route even though you’ve encountered evidence that you should change course? Remaining […]

Make Sure You’re Five-Star Worthy


References are what our industry – and most sales industries – is based on. Whether it’s word of mouth or online reviews, you want to ensure that your name comes out of people’s mouths…and that what they say about you is outstanding. This starts, obviously enough, with delivering the best service possible. Everyone truly is […]

The Next Chapter in the Book of Life


As most of you know, I have begun the next chapter in my mortgage career since my previous newsletter. I am happy to report that I’ve joined American Pacific Mortgage as Regional Vice President, covering Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii. This opportunity allows me to lead a team of quality branches while focusing everyday on […]

2018 Fall Symposium–The Power of You


The Power of You is an exciting event that includes a number of well-known mortgage industry experts designed to inspire and educate. Listen to Melissa Wright, EVP of Production, talk about our line-up of speakers for the break-out sessions. Today, the key to differentiating yourself is creating an experience your clients will remember for all […]


Put yourself in a borrower’s shoes and do some homework.


This might sound like an obvious question upon first glance, but I’ll give you a second to think about it. Are you taking an interest in interest rates? Like, really taking an interest in interest rates. Because I guarantee you, your clients are. Are you as up-to-date and knowledgeable about rates – today’s yesterday’s and tomorrow’s […]