Piggybacking off the proactive notion, many people fail to set aside the appropriate time to plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail, which is why you have to dedicate time to mapping any endeavor. It’s simply part of the investment. Timing Planning keeps the spotlight of clarity burning brightly on your goals. Begin by […]



Growth is always a key goal, whether this applies to a personal or professional endeavor. Here’s the thing, though. We all want to do more, have more and be more…but of what? Identifying your end-game goal is the first step, but that’s only part of the equation. It’s the road there that really defines your […]



Financial diligence is always of the utmost importance. This becomes even more necessary at certain times in the economic cycle. The nature of today’s industry demands that we apply extra diligence to achieve and maintain profitability. Break-even numbers, fall-out percentages, cost savings, expense management, branch capture rates and P&Ls are more important than ever as […]

Things Are Looking ‘Up’


We all want to provide value-add service to our clients. The kind that lets them know, “hey, you can depend on me. I got this.” Whether that takes the form of answering questions, providing speedy responses or following up to make sure they’re on track, being of assistance in a time of need is what […]

The Forecast Calls For Focus


One of the nice things about the traditional holiday slowdown is it allows you to take a breath. We’re typically going 100 miles per hour and have limited time to focus on anything that doesn’t score an 8.5 or above on the priority scale. A little less chaos means a lot more time to get […]