Keeping the ‘Summer Diet’ All Year Round

That jaunt to the farmer’s market might provide a little fresh air, exercise and boost of nutrition, but I bet we can do even better. Take full advantage of this weather (where and when permitting) and walk or bike to work.


Memorial Day crept up on you, didn’t it? It crept up on me, too, and, likely, millions of other Americans. A three-day weekend can be a very pleasant surprise to many – and the summer season is almost always met with excitement, vacations and fun. That is, unless you don’t feel fully prepared for it. […]

More Competition, Less Inventory Spurs Home Flipping

Finance of America is happy to provide short-term loans to this elite clientele at rates as low as 6.99 percent. There are even options for rehabilitation funding, should your prospective borrower find a true diamond in the rough.


The days of investors being gun-shy about house flipping following the recession are over. One needs to only look as far as the latest data to see that this is true. The MBA’s latest figures show U.S. mortgage applications increased by 1.7 percent in early May – the highest level on record since October 2015! […]

There’s Nothing Wrong with a Little Self-Promotion

Focus on positivity and strength, rather than negatively commenting on competition


We’re always told to be humble. Don’t toot your own horn, no one likes a bragger and whatnot. This may be true in many cases, but we’re in the unique position of sales. It is nearly impossible to “sell” someone on a product, service or even on yourself if you cannot adequately express its enhanced […]

Celebrating Reverse Mortgage Education Week All Year Long!


The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) recently released a series of online educational sessions in honor of Reverse Mortgage Education Week, which was held at the end of April. The series was really informative, highlighting everything from home modifications with home equity to strategies for separating spouses. The ability to access tax-free funds when […]

CFPB: Diversity Leads to Strength in the Mortgage Industry


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently released a report that outlines how the mortgage industry can continue to be inclusive, diverse and welcoming to all – something we find very important at Finance of America. Think about it, you cannot get a well-rounded sense of homebuyers if your representatives are mirror images of each other. While […]