The Next Chapter in the Book of Life


As most of you know, I have begun the next chapter in my mortgage career since my previous newsletter. I am happy to report that I’ve joined American Pacific Mortgage as Regional Vice President, covering Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii. This opportunity allows me to lead a team of quality branches while focusing everyday on […]

2018 Fall Symposium–The Power of You


The Power of You is an exciting event that includes a number of well-known mortgage industry experts designed to inspire and educate. Listen to Melissa Wright, EVP of Production, talk about our line-up of speakers for the break-out sessions. Today, the key to differentiating yourself is creating an experience your clients will remember for all […]


Put yourself in a borrower’s shoes and do some homework.


This might sound like an obvious question upon first glance, but I’ll give you a second to think about it. Are you taking an interest in interest rates? Like, really taking an interest in interest rates. Because I guarantee you, your clients are. Are you as up-to-date and knowledgeable about rates – today’s yesterday’s and tomorrow’s […]


Negative beliefs can sabotage your future efforts, so leave those static thoughts at the door.


Self-fulfilling prophesies can be such pains. One minute, you’re trying to avoid something, the next minute you’re trying so hard to avoid said thing that you actually run straight into it! This happens to a lot of us as we pursue things we really want. Whether it’s a new title, a love interest, a nice […]

Oprah Wants You to Live Your Best Life (and I Do, Too!)

Success is a journey, not a destination. It’s the little things that really make up the big things. In reality, you are really all you have – take care of yourself.


You know why I like Oprah? Because she doesn’t sugarcoat things. She’s honest about her struggles, her weakness, regrets and downfalls. She’s also honest about her successes, displaying pride when appropriate and thanking others when it was a group effort. Her love of culture, all people and many, many causes makes her a great role […]