Self-love is vastly underrated


There’s a saying I like that perfectly sums up a problem we all have, both at home and in the office. “You can’t fill from an empty bucket.” When your own tank is low, you have no reserve to get you through the day, and nothing to give to others. We often get so caught […]

Be the Light in the Dark

There are so many ways to help during tough times


The tragedy in Las Vegas and other events that have yielded similar devastation are not far from our minds. It’s absolutely normal to feel helpless during this time, and even a little hopeless, but we don’t need to. That’s because we’re not either of those things. We can do good in the face of tragedy. […]

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

The mass tragedy in Las Vegas has left us all reeling, particularly as it had a direct impact on our FAMily with the loss of Victor Link, an Alpine Mortgage Planning advisor in our Seal Beach, Calif., office. Being such a global destination with particularly easy access from Southern California, Utah and Arizona – not […]

The Myth of Self-Control

Self-control: we all have it – and we all have a wonderful talent for making it go away. Whether it’s food, reality TV, social media, exercise, work, a certain sport or sports team, alcohol, email or texting, must of us have a penchant for overdoing something that would be considered positive, fun or helpful to […]

3 Ways to Cope with Disaster

Bad things will always happen, but our reaction determines our immediate state of mind


We use coping mechanisms every day to keep our lives in balance. They let our brains know it’s okay to focus on non-life-threatening tasks, and tell our hearts they can remain open to the world at hand. That there is no danger present. That fear has not taken up residence here. But what happens when […]