3 Ways to Cope with Disaster

Bad things will always happen, but our reaction determines our immediate state of mind


We use coping mechanisms every day to keep our lives in balance. They let our brains know it’s okay to focus on non-life-threatening tasks, and tell our hearts they can remain open to the world at hand. That there is no danger present. That fear has not taken up residence here. But what happens when […]

A Cure for the Common Goal Allergy

Anticipating road blocks helps keep them at bay


I don’t have to remind you how important it is to set goals, particularly as we inch toward the fourth quarter and the beginning of a new year. Procrastination and a lack of goals or ambition can be large problems, but they’re not insurmountable. I came across a different way to approach these issues the […]

Lessons We Can Learn from Realtors

First impressions with first-time buyers are everything


I’ve presented the results from a few valuable borrower surveys that give us great insight into the ways first-time and seasoned borrowers view our profession. I continue to highlight these surveys because they drive home how completely crucial it is to keep customer satisfaction high. That starts by understanding what questions and concerns borrowers have; […]

Optimize Your Time: Fitting in Wellness Where (and When) You Can

Many people think we don’t have time to accomplish all we set out to do.


Most of us have the same problem on a daily basis: there are just not enough hours in the day. Rather than whine about this problem, however, we should do our best to capitalize on the untapped sources of time we all do have – whether we know it or not. There are tons of […]

How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

From overcoming huge struggles that let us appreciate the little things to simply basking in the mundane interactions so many of us take for granted, lessons on gratefulness, joy and what really matters can come from any source, any time, any place and anybody.


It was always about the small things Not every inspirational blog needs to be written by a guru. There is absolutely value in hearing the sage wisdom of those who have devoted their lives to enhancing the well-being of others through their words, but the truth is, opportunities to expand our minds and hearts are […]