How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

From overcoming huge struggles that let us appreciate the little things to simply basking in the mundane interactions so many of us take for granted, lessons on gratefulness, joy and what really matters can come from any source, any time, any place and anybody.


It was always about the small things Not every inspirational blog needs to be written by a guru. There is absolutely value in hearing the sage wisdom of those who have devoted their lives to enhancing the well-being of others through their words, but the truth is, opportunities to expand our minds and hearts are […]

Putting the ‘FU’ Back in Fun

The idea that happiness really is all around us is an accurate one. Whether we choose to see – and act – upon that happiness is another thing.


Opportunities for fun are endless Our daily grind can really wreak havoc on that little three-little “F” word. Yes, I’m talking about “fun!” We may not all be Tom Hanks in the movie Big, but that doesn’t mean we can’t seek out and recognize joy whenever, however and wherever we can. Happiness isn’t just found […]

Message in an Already Packed Bottle

To take action immediately when you come across an email that needs your attention or will only take a few minutes. Forwarding the email to someone else who can handle it is also an option.


Incessant inbox checking is not actually “working” Our inboxes are one of the major sources of distraction throughout the day. Whether we’re at our desks, in the car, at the gym, waiting for a train or find just a few moments to ourselves, email joins other culprits like social media, texting and mindlessly web surfing […]

What You Do with that ‘Body’ Really Counts

The handshake doesn’t come natural to some and can even warrant some practice. Believe it or not, there is a lot to consider for such a small, widely accepted gesture. You want to shake firmly without hurting someone. You want to be especially cautious if your size or strength seems to outmatch the other party’s. You want to be gentler if someone is wearing a lot of jewelry or a large ring, as squeezing their hand shut can cause discomfort.


We all know that actions speak louder than words. While every sales position involves a good amount of words, it is indeed true that our body’s movements and mannerisms can have a profound effect on our sales pitch, the type of demeanor we give off, and, ultimately, whether we’re perceived as trustworthy, knowledgeable and confident. […]

Achieve Peace, Mindfulness Without Meditation

Add some Zen to your personal space, both at home and in the office. If zen for you involves traditional items like a small Buddha statue, desktop Zen garden or Bonzai tree, great.


Silence does not automatically equal success Peace comes in many forms Removing the negative can be just as valuable as adding the positive The benefits of meditation are lauded and proven. No one is arguing that whether it’s a few quiet moments in the morning, a peaceful, solo run at lunch or a full-out, 20-minute […]