There’s room for fun and productivity in the summer, Clearly defined goals and ongoing assessments encourage success, Every good plan starts with a good leader


June, July and August tend to mean fun in the sun, right? That actually wasn’t a trick question – they do! However, that fun should co-exist with productivity. When that happens, our time outdoors is so much more meaningful, relaxing and stress-free. S. Chris Edmonds knows this all too well. He believes a workplace centered around purpose, […]


Three ways scrappy individuals can successfully move their intentions forward while others are bogged down in logistics, formality or unnecessary complexities.


I had the pleasure of listening to Terri Sjodin, author of “Scrappy: A Little Book About Choosing to Play Big” and a speaker at FAM’s Sales Rally in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Sjodin’s concept is simple. Attack your goals with enthusiasm, spunk and gusto. In other words, get scrappy! No need to overcomplicate […]


No one likes to be typecast. It feels even worse if that involves your job title – and your job title is “assigned” a low worth. We all want to be heard and respected. This starts with seeing people as more than their job description.

 – Collaboration is key.  – Typecasting is small minded – and leads to even smaller progress.  – There is success in every failure. We’ve all heard the clichés about being an effective leader. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Talk less, listen more. There are no stupid ideas. Failure is simply […]


Time should always be allowed for all team members to express opinions, concerns and questions, though the team leader should ultimately decide upon the final strategy based on everyone’s input and his or her own experience in the matter.


Leading a team can be hard work. Trust me, I know! But people much smarter than myself accomplish “hard” tasks all the time. It tends to come down to a few key traits that make these leaders shine above all others. These traits include confidence, patience and a keen ability to make decisions. Teams are […]