Creating A New Business Normal


We’re all adapting and doing our best during these unique times, but we know business – and the environment we operate in – won’t always stay this way. You should, of course, focus on the current situation, but do so with the understanding that change is inevitable. Until that change comes, you can work to […]

Turn Your Website Into Your Virtual Office Space


We know you take care of your office. After all, it’s the gateway most clients see when they come in for a face to face. Now that this is not possible, you want to make sure your website functions like an encounter at your office. Aside from adding a message about how your office is […]

Communicating During Covid


We know face-to-face meetings have disappeared due to the coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with current and prospective clients in an effective manner. In fact, you should be communicating with them, now more than ever. Uncertain times often lead to insecurity and lots of questions. As a trusted mortgage professional, your job is […]

Focus On Helping, Not Selling


As we roll through some unprecedented times, I ran across one of the best messages we can move forward with: focus on helping, not selling. What we do now and in the next several weeks will set the foundation for the next five years. You don’t have to “sell” to be successful. Let’s find what we can do to help, and make that happen. […]



Though our spring summits may be postponed, they got me thinking about APM’s fall Symposium, which was full of awesome speakers and content. One of our speakers was Brittany Hodak, co-founder of the Superfan Company, who I introduced you to back then. You might recall, Brittany talked about the concept of superfans, which are created when people […]