Oprah Wants You to Live Your Best Life (and I Do, Too!)

Success is a journey, not a destination. It’s the little things that really make up the big things. In reality, you are really all you have – take care of yourself.


You know why I like Oprah? Because she doesn’t sugarcoat things. She’s honest about her struggles, her weakness, regrets and downfalls. She’s also honest about her successes, displaying pride when appropriate and thanking others when it was a group effort. Her love of culture, all people and many, many causes makes her a great role […]


Different generations have different perceptions of an ideal home, Many see their dream home as something absolutely achievable, Our focus is, and should remain, on how we can help each client achieve their version of the American Dream


I came across kind of a fun survey the other day that asked Americans to describe the home of their dreams. According to Northshore Fireplace, the average American dream home is a newly constructed modern house with slightly less than 2,200 square feet. The most desired luxuries of this dream home were land and privacy. […]


There’s room for fun and productivity in the summer, Clearly defined goals and ongoing assessments encourage success, Every good plan starts with a good leader


June, July and August tend to mean fun in the sun, right? That actually wasn’t a trick question – they do! However, that fun should co-exist with productivity. When that happens, our time outdoors is so much more meaningful, relaxing and stress-free. S. Chris Edmonds knows this all too well. He believes a workplace centered around purpose, […]


FAM fully intends to devote twice the personal attention and corporate access to maximize these tools.


Finance of America is doubling down on its efforts and resources – which mean you get to dream twice as big! The new Two-X Platform will create a new, fully integrated, proprietary suite of website, CRM and POS tools to optimize your business. As always, FAM’s goal with this new suite is to be as transparent, reliable […]


Three ways scrappy individuals can successfully move their intentions forward while others are bogged down in logistics, formality or unnecessary complexities.


I had the pleasure of listening to Terri Sjodin, author of “Scrappy: A Little Book About Choosing to Play Big” and a speaker at FAM’s Sales Rally in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Sjodin’s concept is simple. Attack your goals with enthusiasm, spunk and gusto. In other words, get scrappy! No need to overcomplicate […]