CFPB: Diversity Leads to Strength in the Mortgage Industry


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently released a report that outlines how the mortgage industry can continue to be inclusive, diverse and welcoming to all – something we find very important at Finance of America. Think about it, you cannot get a well-rounded sense of homebuyers if your representatives are mirror images of each other. While […]

Reversing the Stigma of Reverse Mortgages

Dispel the myths from those terrible commercials and build trust through your knowledge and expertise


Reverse mortgages have gotten a bad rap, thanks to a few cheesy commercials many of us remember from the ‘80s, ‘90s and even today. Many featured “celebrity” spokespeople who “connected” with the older generation, thereby gaining their trust. While I won’t say that reverse mortgages (or even traditional 30-year fixed mortgages, for that matter) are […]

No Surprise: Millennials Want it Fast

Embrace what Millennials embrace and appreciate the value of good, swift customer service


Last week’s blog touched on two subjects close to Millennials’ hearts: technology and philanthropy. While I won’t rehash the findings from the Downtown Chicago MBA conference here, I will say that a new report by Ellie Mae confirms these assertions. Millennials are so intertwined with technology that they’ve come to expect results at lightning speed. […]

Become a Member of the Happy People’s Club

Happiness may not start at work, but it certainly doesn’t end there, either


The UN released its World Happiness Report on the heels of World Happiness Day, about a month after its World Happiness meeting. Wow. That’s a lot of happy. Don’t quit smiling yet, however. Norway took first place this year among the world’s happiest countries, giving us a lot to learn from our Nordic brethren. Among […]

Take Your Meditation on the Road


By now, I’ve hopefully stressed some of the overarching benefits of meditation. While this practice can take many forms, it typically involves sitting with your legs crossed in a quiet room with your eyes closed. It doesn’t have to, however. I – and many others – would like to think you can practice the art […]