The Customer Is Always…The Most Important


It’s easy to assume we’re providing good customer service, just as a byproduct of being ourselves. In this competitive atmosphere, however, assuming you’re doing a good job just because you haven’t heard differently isn’t going to cut it. Customer service nowadays doesn’t end by ensuring a loan closes on time. Today’s consumers are looking for experience. Make […]

The Promise Of Prospecting


Prospecting is a task everyone agrees is necessary – yet few execute on a regular basis. It’s always on the “to-do” list. Unfortunately, it’s almost always at the bottom of the to-do list, which, conveniently, almost never sees the light of day because we’re so focused on what we perceive to be more pressing tasks. […]

How Costly Are Your Costs?


We all know the old saying, “it takes money to make money.” To a certain extent, this is true. We need office space, sophisticated software and tech tools, and a little extra cash for travel and meetings. But how much is too much? And are your expenses justified? When business is good, it’s easy to […]

Focus On Your Buyer, Not What You’re Selling


There are two schools of thought when it comes to sales. You can focus on your “product,” touting all its benefits and why someone just can’t live without it, or you can focus on your “buyer,” internalizing their situation, what’s best for them and how you can help them achieve the best results. When you […]

Are You Agile Enough?


Agility comes in many forms, but the end result is the same. Are you a fast thinker and an even faster mover, regardless of the situation at hand? Do you have the ability to pivot, or will you forge on through your plotted route even though you’ve encountered evidence that you should change course? Remaining […]