Google Data Shows Home Buying Searches are On the Rise

About 44 percent of searches within the mortgage category were for “first-time buyer mortgages.” This search term was up 11 percent from 2016, when interest rates were much lower!


Technology can be grand sometimes. This is especially true when you’re able to “pull back the curtain” on a certain population of people – say, prospective homebuyers – to get into their heads and see what they really think about this subject. That’s exactly what Google did recently. The search engine giant collaborated within the […]

Summer is Home Renovation Season!

We know that investing in a home can be extremely worthwhile. Let’s make sure these diligent homeowners know all the options available to them that utilize both new and existing sources of financing.

Summertime is not only the ideal period for homebuying, but for home renovating as well! We typically tend to have more free time to carry out the smaller projects we’ve been putting off all year long, along with an abundance of help in the forms of relatives, friends, neighbors and older children who can assist […]

Study: Homeownership Becomes Appealing to More and More Renters

Quite the leap of faith, given rising interest rates, which confirms what I’ve said all along: there will always be blips in the real estate and economic cycles that cause the industry to temporarily dip, but solid fundamentals, high-quality products and an unbeatable work ethic will always prevail. Trust me, I’ve been in the mortgage industry long enough to know this is true.


Owning a home may have the edge over renting for many, according to a new report by TransUnion. The analysis found that 55 percent of people who shopped for a mortgage during the first quarter of the year were non-homeowners. Translation? Unless they were living rent-free with their parents or couch-surfing with their friends, this […]

Home Flipping Loan Volume Hits Nine-Year High in 2017!

Home flippers financed about $3.5 billion in home purchases during the first quarter of 2017. This is up from $3.3 billion in the previous quarter and up from $2.4 billion a year ago, settling at the highest level we’ve seen since the fourth quarter of 2007.


The latest home flipping loan data is in, and the numbers are promising! One-third of all single-family homes and condos flipped in the first quarter of this year were purchased with financing, according to ATTOM Data Solutions’ U.S. Home Flipping Report. This is up from 31.9 percent who utilized financing in the last quarter of […]