Study: Housing Wealth Increases for Older Americans

Home equity is rising for senior citizens


A report by the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) announced that homeowners ages 62 or older saw their home equity increase by a combined 2.4 percent, or $6.42 trillion, in the second quarter of 2017. This is up from $6.27 trillion in the first quarter of the year. The report also notes housing wealth for retirement-aged homeowners was driven by an estimated 2.1 percent (or $162 billion) improvement in senior […]



A new study by PwC and the Urban Land Institute is out, and the Emerging Trends in Real Estate for 2018 point to a penchant for smaller homes and secondary cities. Homebuyers and real estate investors are attracted to these less flashy outposts, the study notes, because they are relatively affordable and typically have a […]

Wondering Where to Source Business? Use Pre-Mover Indicators

  You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to know that smoke is generally a key indicator that fire is near. Just as you don’t have to spread your time, attention and efforts equally among potential borrowers when some are likely to yield better results – and in shorter time – than others. Instead, you […]

Are You Familiar with Your Loan’s ‘Co-stars’?

Every leading actor has a supporting cast that makes their job a little easier, allows them to shine a little brighter and enhances their big moments in the spotlight. While mortgages may not be as glamorous as the lights of Hollywood, co-borrowers – or co-stars – can be integral to many loan applications and should […]

Google Data Shows Home Buying Searches are On the Rise

About 44 percent of searches within the mortgage category were for “first-time buyer mortgages.” This search term was up 11 percent from 2016, when interest rates were much lower!


Technology can be grand sometimes. This is especially true when you’re able to “pull back the curtain” on a certain population of people – say, prospective homebuyers – to get into their heads and see what they really think about this subject. That’s exactly what Google did recently. The search engine giant collaborated within the […]