HSH: 60 of the Top 100 Metros High New Home Price Highs

Whether your market is in the top 10, lower 10 or somewhere in between, there are investments of all shapes and sizes to be had for the buyer.


HSH.com recently released its Home Price Recovery Index, which uses the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s (FHFA) Home Price Index to track which housing markets have recovered the most since the Great Recession. I was floored to see how many metros have not just recovered, are not just flourishing, but are absolutely killing it in terms […]

More Competition, Less Inventory Spurs Home Flipping

Finance of America is happy to provide short-term loans to this elite clientele at rates as low as 6.99 percent. There are even options for rehabilitation funding, should your prospective borrower find a true diamond in the rough.


The days of investors being gun-shy about house flipping following the recession are over. One needs to only look as far as the latest data to see that this is true. The MBA’s latest figures show U.S. mortgage applications increased by 1.7 percent in early May – the highest level on record since October 2015! […]

MBA: 2016 More Profitable Than 2015, Despite Rate Increase

How does your loan volume compare to the “average” lender’s? Is it higher? Lower? Do you really want to be “average”? Is it enough to simply beat the average, or can (and do) you hold yourself to a higher standard?


MBA just released some positive statistics that I think will make everyone feel a little better about the inevitable interest rate increase! The association’s Annual Mortgage Bankers Performance Report (as cited by HousingWire) showed average bank profits in 2016 were $1,346 on every loan originated last year. That’s $157 greater than profits on 2015 loans, […]

BofA Homebuyer Insights Report: Millennials Show Increasing Interest in Homeownership


Bank of America released its second-annual Homebuyer Insights Report, and it’s good news for us! A large portion of the more than 83 million young Americans who comprise the Millennial generation are enthusiastic about homeownership! A full 86 percent of this group, born between 1982 and 2000, believed owning a home was more affordable than […]

MBA Tech Conference Coverage: Mortgage Lending Needs More Tech, Millennials

My eyes and ears are always wide open when it comes to best practices and hiring trends within our industry. After all, it’s my goal to surround Finance of America and our wonderful associates with the best and brightest out there.


I make it to a fair share of networking events and conferences but, like the rest of us, I can’t be everywhere at all times. That’s why I rely on industry coverage and reputable sources like HousingWire to fill me in. They rarely disappoint, and this week’s coverage of MBA’s National Technology in Mortgage Banking […]