American Pacific Mortgage knows this is a changing market environment. Cycles aside, technology and shifting consumer tastes will continue to force our industry to evolve. This is not a bad thing. APM welcomes the opportunity to enhance its services, products and, most importantly, its people. This is why I’m excited to tell you about Open […]

The Promise Of Prospecting


Prospecting is a task everyone agrees is necessary – yet few execute on a regular basis. It’s always on the “to-do” list. Unfortunately, it’s almost always at the bottom of the to-do list, which, conveniently, almost never sees the light of day because we’re so focused on what we perceive to be more pressing tasks. […]


Three ways scrappy individuals can successfully move their intentions forward while others are bogged down in logistics, formality or unnecessary complexities.


I had the pleasure of listening to Terri Sjodin, author of “Scrappy: A Little Book About Choosing to Play Big” and a speaker at FAM’s Sales Rally in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Sjodin’s concept is simple. Attack your goals with enthusiasm, spunk and gusto. In other words, get scrappy! No need to overcomplicate […]


Time should always be allowed for all team members to express opinions, concerns and questions, though the team leader should ultimately decide upon the final strategy based on everyone’s input and his or her own experience in the matter.


Leading a team can be hard work. Trust me, I know! But people much smarter than myself accomplish “hard” tasks all the time. It tends to come down to a few key traits that make these leaders shine above all others. These traits include confidence, patience and a keen ability to make decisions. Teams are […]



The work needed to become a master at something doesn’t stop once you reach an above-average proficiency level. On the contrary, your effort will likely require you to continue honing your skills, lest you be overtaken by the new batch of talented individuals entering the workforce on an annual basis. It’s simply an inevitable fact […]