The work needed to become a master at something doesn’t stop once you reach an above-average proficiency level. On the contrary, your effort will likely require you to continue honing your skills, lest you be overtaken by the new batch of talented individuals entering the workforce on an annual basis. It’s simply an inevitable fact […]

‘Renting’ the American Dream

Nest eggs, emergency savings and college funds should not be put off, or suffer a major hit, in the pursuit of other goals.


The summer season is coming to a close. All those vacations, family visits and local adventures may have spurred your clients’ interests in earning some extra income through the purchase or rehabilitation of a rental property. Whether they’re targeting long-term tenants, extended-stay business travelers or weekend warriors a la Airbnb, there are many opportunities to […]

‘Routine’ Success

What regularly scheduled activities keep you focused and on the path to achieving your goals, both large and small, throughout the year?


We’re well into the summer months, a time when many people opt for shorter workdays and longer vacations. A recharge every now and then is fine – it’s even encouraged, as we can disconnect, soak up whatever it is that we enjoy and emerge re-energized, re-committed and ready to work! The only downside to this […]

Making the Most of Vitamin V

In the summertime, this type of joy is often derived from vacations, or a healthy dose of Vitamin V. These brief breaks from reality allow us to disconnect, recharge, and return to our daily lives and obligations renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated.


All living creatures need a certain amount of vitamins and nutrients to maintain a strong, healthy existence. Humans are no different, save for the fact that we need a few extra “boosts” to keep ourselves functioning at our best. Eating a healthy diet is one way to achieve this goal, but it’s only part of […]