Releasing the Reluctance

Just because I don’t like the sound of cold calling, however, doesn’t mean that I avoid it at all costs. There are many things in life we don’t love. Taxes, root canals, maybe even extended visits with in-laws. But that doesn’t mean we don’t do them. In fact, the penalty for avoiding these types of critical tasks is often far greater than if we just bit the bullet, worked our way through the discomfort and moved on with our day.


What I’m about to say is going to surprise you: I hate the term “cold calling” too. For some reason, there’s just nothing warm and fuzzy about the name, or about the fact that a complete stranger just rang you at an inopportune time with a proposal you didn’t request. There. I said it. Just […]


I’d never tell you to bet big on the unknown irresponsibly, but since change is a large part of our industry, I do encourage embracing this notion and the road less traveled.


I came across a blog post by Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson earlier today about turning points. You know, those forks in life that make you either stop, take notice, weigh your options and reconsider your path, or avert your eyes, convincing yourself that path less traveled isn’t actually there – or that it isn’t actually […]

Performing a ‘Pre-Mortem’


Not to get all morbid on you, but today I want to talk about dissection. I specifically want to discuss the type of gritty dissection that happens before a tragedy occurs. You’re probably familiar with the term “post-mortem,” which tends to refer to the medical examination performed on a deceased individual that determines the cause […]

Cracking the Millennial Code


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, most of us have witnessed the kind of influence the Millennial generation (born between 1982 and 2000) has had on our country. From technology to clothing sales, work environments and even green initiatives, this generation has definitely made its voice heard. This voice will likely only get louder […]