Many borrowers admit they’re uninformed about mortgages


We know we’re the experts when it comes to home loans, and that our job is to educate borrowers on their various options as they pursue their version of the American Dream. However, the new FREEandCLEAR Mortgage Survey is really eye-opening when it comes to how little borrowers actually do know about mortgages and the […]


Being transparent with clients can lead to more business, and build trust


I want to take a minute to focus on another aspect of the FREEandCLEAR Mortgage Survey that I found troubling. About 20 percent of borrowers said it was not possible to buy a home with a down payment of less than 5 percent. As you know, this is simply untrue. The assumptions and misinformation out […]

Lead Intelligently


You’ve heard me talk about lead generation a million times. Through those talks, you know that identifying and acquiring leads is only one part of the process. I was reminded of just how important this is at the recent Sales Mastery conference in San Diego. We all have different skill sets. Some of us are […]

‘Renting’ the American Dream

Nest eggs, emergency savings and college funds should not be put off, or suffer a major hit, in the pursuit of other goals.


The summer season is coming to a close. All those vacations, family visits and local adventures may have spurred your clients’ interests in earning some extra income through the purchase or rehabilitation of a rental property. Whether they’re targeting long-term tenants, extended-stay business travelers or weekend warriors a la Airbnb, there are many opportunities to […]

Why Should They Hire You?

Take a look for yourself, and determine whether you not only embody, but exude the traits likely to lead to loan officer success. If not, note the direction of the wind and adjust your sails.


In this market, customer satisfaction is priority #1 Customer service is always the No. 1 priority of FAM and many other service-oriented, sales-driven businesses. That goes without saying. But there are times in the market cycle where customer service isn’t just the top initiative, but absolutely essential to long-term success. Mortgage industry consultant  Stratmor Group […]