What would you say if you knew those words would be some of the last anyone ever heard from you? There are probably the token “I love you”s, to be sure. Maybe a few “I’m sorry”s mixed in as well. But we’re not talking about the sort of life-and-death, plane-falling-from-the-sky type words we send to […]

‘Routine’ Success

What regularly scheduled activities keep you focused and on the path to achieving your goals, both large and small, throughout the year?


We’re well into the summer months, a time when many people opt for shorter workdays and longer vacations. A recharge every now and then is fine – it’s even encouraged, as we can disconnect, soak up whatever it is that we enjoy and emerge re-energized, re-committed and ready to work! The only downside to this […]

Without a Doubt

We’ve had doubts about others, doubts about the way the world works, and, unfortunately, doubts about ourselves, our own abilities and our own worth.


We all have it. That insecurity that says we aren’t good enough. That fear that keeps us stuck in the status quo. That timidity that whispers reasons why it won’t work. No matter how it displays itself, doubt is something we’ve all experienced before. We’ve had doubts about others, doubts about the way the world […]