Big Ideas – Massive Opportunity |

BIG IDEAS - Massive Opportunity |

——————– REVIEW: ——————– Dave Savage recently posted an interview with Bill Hart. It’s only a 10-minute interview, but it’s chalked full of some really good content. So good, the Resource TV invited Dave up for the day to shoot this show! The Resource TV has also been talking a lot lately about the need for […]

A New Type of Mortgage Fraud |


——————– REVIEW: ——————– In an overregulated lending world, would you be surprised to hear that mortgage fraud is on the rise? Well, many of us would. In many ways, it doesn’t even seem possible to commit this act anymore, yet some creative people have figured out a way. It’s called reverse occupancy. In the past […]

How To Sell To The ‘Snowflake’ Generation |


——————– REVIEW: ——————– Good subject lines are everything! Subject lines can stop you in your tracks or simply fade into the background. There is a ton of strong content out there, but if it gets disseminated with a mediocre subject line, guess what? It doesn’t get opened. Many people will never get to see your […]

Trump Administration Has Begun Deregulating The Real Estate and Mortgage industry


——————– REVIEW: ——————– Pres. Trump signed an executive order that will require every agency to establish a task force to eliminate unnecessary regulations. He also proposed a new budget that would change the funding structure for the CFPB. Both actions have a significant impact on the real estate and lending industries. Unfortunately, not all of […]

Focus On What Sets You On Fire | Joe Rogan & Gary Vaynerchuk Podcast |


——————– REVIEW: ——————– Two of the Resource TV’s favorite people to listen to are Joe Rogan and Gary Vaynerchuck. Rogan is known as a comedian and for his role in the UFC. He may not pontificate on a lot of business strategies, but he is an outside-the-box thinker, and you will learn a lot and […]