Agile [aj-uh l, -ahyl]: quick and well-coordinated in movement; lithe active; lively; marked by an ability to think quickly; mentally acute or aware


No matter how you use it, the word “agile” is never a bad thing. An agile leap in the air. An agile yogi. A true professional with a very agile mind. In an industry as rife with change as ours is, the ability to remain agile is an absolute asset. I mean, the word is […]



It’s the time of year where we wish each other happy holidays and toast to good health and a prosperous new year. The only problem is we usually make said statements as we’re overindulging in heavy foods and alcohol while failing to obtain enough sleep, water and exercise. Oh, the irony. Thankfully, we rarely do […]

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

The mass tragedy in Las Vegas has left us all reeling, particularly as it had a direct impact on our FAMily with the loss of Victor Link, an Alpine Mortgage Planning advisor in our Seal Beach, Calif., office. Being such a global destination with particularly easy access from Southern California, Utah and Arizona – not […]

Optimize Your Time: Fitting in Wellness Where (and When) You Can

Many people think we don’t have time to accomplish all we set out to do.


Most of us have the same problem on a daily basis: there are just not enough hours in the day. Rather than whine about this problem, however, we should do our best to capitalize on the untapped sources of time we all do have – whether we know it or not. There are tons of […]

Putting the ‘FU’ Back in Fun

The idea that happiness really is all around us is an accurate one. Whether we choose to see – and act – upon that happiness is another thing.


Opportunities for fun are endless Our daily grind can really wreak havoc on that little three-little “F” word. Yes, I’m talking about “fun!” We may not all be Tom Hanks in the movie Big, but that doesn’t mean we can’t seek out and recognize joy whenever, however and wherever we can. Happiness isn’t just found […]