Distraction Distress

Idle conversation, newspapers, video games, text messages, emails, even mindless eating can all act as time fillers, making us feel “busy” when all they really do is detract from the task at hand.


Everyone knows I’m a big fan of minimalism. I think anything that simplifies your life while requiring you to prioritize what matters most is a good thing. Living with less also has other benefits, however. One of the biggest is a clear focus. It’s amazing how deeply you can hone your attention when you remove […]

Routine Maintenance

Continue to craft and hone the habit once it’s established, remaining unafraid to alter or altogether drop any activity that no longer produces viable results. Chances are there is another parallel opportunity that can harvest the same crops.


You might have noticed I talk a lot about habits on this blog and whether they are good or bad. Obviously, any activity that produces positive results with little to no downside is something you want to incorporate into your life on a regular basis, be it daily, monthly or even annually. The danger of […]

Aging Gracefully

I’ve been a fan of the Eat This, Not That strategy for some time, which was why I was happy to see a recent post on ways we can improve our overall health after the age of 40. This is something I’m working very hard on myself, and I bet I’m not the only one.


Whether we like it or not, time is moving on. This can be a great thing as it helps us build memories, realize goals we’ve achieved and ultimately see just how far we’ve come. It can also be less than ideal, however, as we face a new set of challenges surrounding our health, wellness and […]

Stretching out the Day

I challenge you to incorporate at least a few of these poses into your daily routine. Feel free to start small.


We’ve all heard the health warnings about sitting at a desk all day. Aside from the poor eating habits, lack of natural daylight and the warning that “sitting is the new smoking,” we also have to worry about the toll this posture takes on our physical body. Namely, tight hips, muscle degeneration, a stiff spine, […]

Take Your Meditation on the Road


By now, I’ve hopefully stressed some of the overarching benefits of meditation. While this practice can take many forms, it typically involves sitting with your legs crossed in a quiet room with your eyes closed. It doesn’t have to, however. I – and many others – would like to think you can practice the art […]