The Cold Call Struggle is Real

Take some time this month to determine your source of sales call reluctance and the ways you can overcome them.

darren-nolander-cold-call-struggle-featuredI’m always looking for new strategies, tips and insights when it comes to overcoming sales call reluctance. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s such a huge, unfortunate problem for so many of us who have chosen careers that involve reaching out to strangers to inform them about a product or service they may not even know they want.

I was heartened today, however, to uncover a list of eight major sources of call reluctance. I really enjoyed this piece because you can’t overcome a fear if you don’t know what that fear is. Until you can identify where the anxiety or avoidance is coming from, you’re unable to look it in the eye, make peace with it and leave it in the past.

So, without further ado, here are some of the sources of call reluctance, as listed by Heinz Marketing, and what we can do to ensure they never disrupt our ability to close a loan again.

  1. No Confidence

Sales is all about attitude. You can have the greatest product in the world, but if your delivery is shaky or your conviction wanes, there’s no way you’re going to get the deal closed. When you seem unsure of yourself, it tells the client that this product or person clearly isn’t that great. Maybe they can see it’s a great product, but if you don’t project confidence within yourself, they may not feel comfortable working with you. Or maybe they can’t see it’s a great product because your call sounds more like an apology than an opportunity.

No one wants to be the source of disruption to someone’s busy day, but if you’ve got them on the hook, you don’t just cut the line free and run screaming from the lake. You reel them in and savor the best grilled salmon you’ve ever tasted!

  1. No Icebreakers

Comfort is a key component of sales. Remember, you’re not just selling the product, you’re selling yourself. As a representative of FAM, you are our trusted source of reason and support to the clients you serve. Forging meaningful, long-term relationships begins with making the other voice on the line feel confident that you truly are there to help them. Icebreakers can be a great way to begin this type of relationship.

There is no one end all, be all icebreaker, but there are a few that work consistently. The weather, a major sporting event, relevant (non-politically charged) news items or even potential commonalities within the community can all help to forge a connection between you and the call recipient.

  1. No Practice

Practice makes perfect, no matter how cheesy that saying can be. Some of us are lucky enough to be born with God-given talents, but even those people have to work at honing that talent, lest they squander a truly awesome gift. Whether salesmenship comes naturally to you or not, it will never get easier if you don’t practice.

The beauty of sales calls is you can practice over and over again. There is essentially an endless supply of people who may be interested in owning a home, or purchasing another one to supplement their income. Is this true of every human being on the planet? Of course not. But the pool of potential borrowers is so large that you have an abundance of leads to contact, try out different approaches, and make note of what was and was not effective. Sales doesn’t always take the form of cold calling, however. Bargaining at a farmer’s market, calling your provider about a better phone rate or even booking a vacation package all offer options where you can present your case, negotiate and emerge a winner.

  1. No Value

This can be the cold call kiss of death. No matter how confident you sound, how many icebreakers you use and how much you perfect your delivery, none of that matters if you don’t clearly and enthusiastically illustrate the value of what you’re selling. The FAM products are solid and the company is stellar. You know that. I know that. But not every prospect who picks up the phone knows that.

At the bare bones of it, it is your job to make any potential borrower aware of the many benefits that come with homeownership, their product of choice, the FAM family and you as their trusted provider. Don’t let the enhanced value of a FAM loan get lost in your delivery. While we want you to have concise, pleasant conversations with your prospects, you have to remember to always bring the discussion back around to the point at hand – that we can assist you with your current and future home and business ownership needs.

These are my top four sources of cold call fear and how you can overcome them. The other four are definitely worth reading about as well. You can find them here.

Take some time this month to determine your source of sales call reluctance and the ways you can overcome them. I’d love to hear about your successes, and even your struggles! Feel free to reach out anytime! Insight from you allows me to gain an even greater perspective on how FAM and I can assist you in your efforts to become the best loan officer possible!

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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