Customers Matter, Experience Matters

darren-nolander-mattersWhen a customer leaves your office, hangs up the phone or closes out of their email, the only thing they’re left with is an impression of how that exchange went. It goes without saying that this customer highly values the product and service you can provide them – but these two items can be secured from many different people in many different ways.

What makes you stand out – for better or worse – is the feeling that comes from every touchpoint with you. Once goodbyes are issued, you and your product are boiled down to a memory. So, make it a good one. Every time. 

Build Trust

There are a lot of valuable traits that customers appreciate, especially in the sales industry. When you’re dealing with such a significant investment, however, it’s difficult to beat trust in terms of priority. That means you have to make transparency, openness and clear communication your priorities. This is how track records are built. You want yours to be impeccable. 

Foster Connection

Everyone wants to feel seen and heard, which is why it’s crucial to find common ground. This is easier than it sounds. You don’t need to discuss sports, food or politics to identify similarities. The common ground is literally beneath your feet. Customers are there because they want to purchase a home. You’re there because you want to help them purchase a home. Make sure this is conveyed quickly and clearly. Your goals are their goals. You’re here to be an advocate in their homebuying journey. 

Make Progress

Many sports stars will tell you it’s not about the goal you start out with that matters, it’s about the follow-through. Regardless of where your lead comes from, it’s not enough to secure that first meeting. Hearing you out is merely the starting point along this path. It’s what you do from there that really matters. People are busy, other priorities take over and distractions get in the way. It’s your job to keep them focused on their end game, which is buying a house. Send follow-ups, respond right away to requests and check in to see how you can be of service as they inch toward the goal line. 

Provide Comfort

Offices may be reopening and we may be returning to some semblance of “normal life,” but that doesn’t mean memories of the past three months have simply vanished. It should not be assumed that your customer of tomorrow is the same as the customer from February. Priorities have shifted – as have salaries and savings in some cases. 

It’s more important than ever for your clients to feel comfortable. For some, that may mean an entirely digital mortgage process. For others, it may mean returning to their normal routines, which includes sit-down appointments. You can’t know where your clients stand until you ask them. Let them take the lead on how they would like to communicate and progress, then follow suit. Be sure you’re armed with information regarding how you’re preventing the spread of COVID-19, both at the office and in your regular life. 

Your only opportunity to make an impression is during an actual encounter with a prospective client, whether that’s through a full-on meeting or a brief email response. Once that encounter passes, it will help guide the consumer as they determine whether they want to work with you on important decisions like buying a home. 

Do your absolute best to ensure they’ll have an extremely positive experience. 

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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