darren-nolander3Especially in our non-stop digital world. We’re more connected than ever nowadays thanks to technology, addiction to said technology and work-from-home policies. Unfortunately, this digital intervention can sometimes prevent us from forming real, meaningful connections.

That’s where physical mail comes in. We all love getting things in the mail (how do you think Amazon became a retail gargantuan?!), so use this feeling to your advantage. The research is there and the numbers don’t lie.

  • Direct mail has a median ROI of 29%
  • The response rate for direct mail is 5.3% for mail sent to homes and 2.9% for prospect lists
  • Email click-through rates are only about 2% to 3%, while the response rate is 0.6%
  • Direct mail is part of a well-diversified marketing campaign that includes social media and email.
  • – 73% of consumers prefer direct mail as an advertising method
  • – 59% of consumers said they enjoy getting direct mail from brands
  • – All age groups receive – and appreciate – direct mail

Now that you know why you should incorporate direct mail, let’s look at some ways you can do this.

Personalizationinclude a handwritten note and signature on your direct mailers for a more intimate touch.

Packaging – think about the size, shape, weight, texture and color/design of your direct mailer. Make sure it stands out and commands the attention direct mail deserves so it gets opened.

Simplification – unlike a digital campaign, print campaigns have limited room, so get your message across but keep the text minimal.

Targeted – resources like the Post Office’s Every Door Direct Mail tool can help you create a direct mail list via ZIP code, demographics and even cost.

Tracked – while not as easy to track as digital campaigns, you can track the success of a direct mail campaign by assigning postcards a unique phone number or web address.

We all know the best marketing approach is a diversified marketing approach, so make sure you’re not missing people where it really counts – in their homes!

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