darren-sphereWant to enhance your pipeline? Better expand your reach. That starts with your sphere of influence.

Your sphere of influence is essentially your touchpoints. It’s who you reach on a regular basis. This includes clients, yes, but it also envelopes anyone with a touchpoint. Social media friends and followers, neighbors, colleagues, parents at your kids’ schools and anyone you engage with on a familiar basis. 

Got it? Great. Now expand it. 

You do that by:

 – 1 – Telling people within your sphere what you do for a living

Do the other parents know you’re a loan officer? Is your neighbor aware you’re in the mortgage business?

 – 2 – Prioritizing your contacts

Spheres of influence can be large, but not everyone within the sphere is created equal. That’s because your time is limited. Some contacts may warrant a lunch date, while others perhaps justify a Facebook comment or like. 

 – 3 – Add value to your sphere

Is there something your sphere residents can gain from you, aside from your self-promotions? The content within your sphere – whether spoken, written or posted – should focus on them. Find ways to add value, solve a problem and make them see the trustworthy person you are. 

 – 4 – Find solutions

Nowadays, the first sentence out of everyone’s mouth regarding mortgages is “rates have really gone up.” Counter this by focusing on solutions. Use your resources, creativity and salespersonship to come up with strategies to counter rate hikes. Temporary and permanent buydowns are two examples that come to mind. 

Enhancing your sphere of influence is ultimately about building trust and adding value. It’s easy to do, whether your sphere is large or small.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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