The season of giving is upon us with all that’s going on in the world. Veterans, youth and underserved populations will be targeted for Cares. Employees can contribute in many different ways, and reap many different benefits.

There’s so much going on in the world today that we felt this was the perfect time to launch our charitable endeavor, Finance of America Cares. This organization prioritizes community, customers and employees as we work both separately and as one to make this world just a little bit better one act at a time. This program was founded on the strategic initiatives of grantmaking, volunteering, fundraising and employee assistance to meet the health and welfare needs of Finance of America employees. Community grant impacts will focus on our veteran, youth and underserved populations.

The FAMily is also invited to voluntarily donate to Cares through payroll deductions or individual contributions. Up to 75 percent of employee and corporate contributions are distributed amongst regions to nonprofits through Community Impact Grantmaking. The remaining net income, a minimum of 25 percent, will be reinvested into the welfare of FAM employees across the nation, through the Employee Assistance Fund.

I am so EXCITED AND PROUD TO INTRODUCE FINANCE OF AMERICA CARES as it will further our core values of partnership, service, empowerment and excellence. Take some time to become familiar with this endeavor, which can enrich not just the individuals we’re targeting, but our own lives as well. After all, service can be one of the greatest rewards to the giver.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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