Focus On Your Buyer, Not What You’re Selling

darren-nolander-buyerThere are two schools of thought when it comes to sales. You can focus on your “product,” touting all its benefits and why someone just can’t live without it, or you can focus on your “buyer,” internalizing their situation, what’s best for them and how you can help them achieve the best results. When you focus on the product, you overlook the client.This often backfires for you, too, as it’s typically pretty clear to clients that they are not the priority – offloading your product is.

A product-focused sales tactic results in poor reviews, whether through word of mouth (or lack thereof) or online. The customer is the most critical piece of the sales equation.  It’s your job to provide so much value to your clients that they can’t help but tell others about you–with nothing but genuine passion and pleasure.

Below are a few ways to expedite this shift and bolster your reputation among the homebuying community:

  • Provide an experience – people don’t buy cold products, they buy experiences. This includes how the people tied to the product make them feel, the potential they attach to the product and whether they believe the product came at a good value.
  • Become a trusted source – thanks to technology, consumers do their due diligence nowadays. This often starts with online research. Be sure you maintain a professional social media presence that touts your best reviews and disseminates useful mortgage industry and homeowner information. This establishes you as a trusted industry leader when people need a loan.
  • Value transparency above all else – sales are all about trust. If a consumer doesn’t trust the “salesperson,” chances are, they don’t want to buy the product. Some consumers aren’t even familiar enough with a product to know which one is appropriate for them. This is when trust is absolutely tantamount. About 10 years removed from the Great Recession, trust, honesty, transparency and loyalty will always be your best tools.

Naturally, we want you to be you – but the best version of you. That starts with taking what already makes you successful, and integrating a few key strategies that can create positive experiences, not to mention a plethora of reviews and referrals.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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