darren-nolander-growthGrowth is always a key goal, whether this applies to a personal or professional endeavor. Here’s the thing, though. We all want to do more, have more and be more…but of what? Identifying your end-game goal is the first step, but that’s only part of the equation. It’s the road there that really defines your odds for success.

That starts with maintaining a narrow focus. I suggest you begin with three goals for 2019. A few good ones would be raising production, managing profitability and retaining people. Now, we need to create strategies that will get us from Point A to Point B. As with goals, keep your objectives tight and specific to prevent excess noise from causing unnecessary distraction.

For raising production, you may aim to:

  1. Dedicate five hours per week for consistent recruiting efforts that result in a substantial percentage increase (settle on your own number) in overall production
  2. Adopt Total Expert for all database and marketing management by the end of the first quarter to drive production by managing customers for life
  3. Increase your branch social media presence to build a strong team and leadership brand that showcases your branch as a destination workplace filled with expertise, success and fun

For managing profitability, you may aim to:

  1. Reduce the monthly break-even volume number (determine by how much) so your branch never operates at a loss while evaluating break-even numbers each quarter and resetting accordingly
  2. Gain an in-depth knowledge and utilization of both Loan Vision and Domo to run your branch economics
  3. Implement a strong ROI evaluation system on marketing and branch expenses and adjust accordingly for overall branch health

For retaining people, you may aim to:

  1. Enhance the consumer experience by developing workflows, touch points and celebrations to win the customer for life
  2. Increase visibility of branch success through internal and social/external promotions to disseminate your branch’s good news. This could include sharing positive reviews, on-time closings, days to close, employee success and highlights, etc.
  3. Hold value-add and engaging staff meetings on a regular basis (bi-weekly or weekly) to focus on knowledge, sales tips, consumer experience, and other origination practices that create a sense of commitment, community and family, while driving production

There are always multiple ways to reach the same result, but that all starts by outlining a plan. Take the above suggestions and apply them to your business on a proactive basis.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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