High Five – October, 2016

The goal I’m actively pursuing

Learning how to surf. It’s tough but I’m determined to see it through and improve upon my efforts.

The inspirational source I’m in awe of

The Inside Quest podcast I just listened to featuring boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. The interview was very insightful, and he’s an amazing athlete and a true champion. We can all learn a lot from him.

The lesson I’m internalizing

How to be present and enjoy this very moment. You can never underestimate the power of mindfulness. I’m learning to stop and smell the roses, take the time to blow out the candles and just appreciate right now for what it is – the only moment we really have.

The story I’m following

Involves the current mortgage trends in Portland as outlined by Rob Chrisman on his website. I find his outlet helpful when it comes to keeping up with the industry.

The balance I’m hoping to achieve

Is on a surfboard. I’ll let you know how that’s going in a month from now! 🙂

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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