Sally+Hogshead-1We’re all about creating experiences that matter at APM. Branding pro Sally Hogshead encourages exactly that through “Fascination Advantage,” a communication assessment she created that measures how others perceive you. Hogshead’s program focuses on captivating your listener, a critical tool for LOs, especially in this day and age. People are overwhelmed and oversaturated with media, sales pitches and information claiming it can solve every problem from weight loss to world hunger. With less time and limited focus, it is our job to make it easier for the consumer to notice us and say yes.

We’re a big fan of Hogshead because she just gets it: people will pay up to four times more for your services if you can ignite fascination within them. Hogshead’s approach is different from the rest because it’s not about how you see the world; it’s about how the world sees you. To her, success doesn’t mean changing who you are. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Success is about embracing who you are and letting more of that shine through.

Think about it, stuffed suits are a dime a dozen. When you know your value, embrace your uniqueness and are comfortable sharing the authentic “you” with the rest of the world, that’s when the shift truly happens. Part of that value lies in the way you communicate, Hogshead believes. Every time you send an email, shoot off a text, pick up a phone or open your mouth, what you’re about to say will either add value to this relationship, or it will take up space.

We all know how difficult it is to compete on price, so Hogshead focuses on highlighting differences. Things that stand out as different are unique. Being “unsame” adds an air of intrigue. It makes people want to know more about that outlier and how it came to be. The method to getting this sort of attention isn’t by becoming fascinating, Hogshead asserts, but rather, by unlearning the mundane to become someone who is persuasive and captivating.

Many people fall into the trap of marketing the for-sale product or service, but not marketing themselves. Hogshead takes a different approach, with proven results. We can’t wait to introduce her innovative storytelling and branding techniques to you at the Symposium!  Join us for this fascinating keynote and so much more education and networking.  You can register here: https://www.apmortgage.com/symposium.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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