darren-techFintech isn’t going anywhere. The pandemic’s made sure of that. Rather than fight this trend – or worse, let that business go to your competitors – use it to your advantage by making tech your ally.

That’s right. Technology isn’t here to “take over” our lives. It’s here to make them easier. Technology can automate tasks, freeing up people to focus on items that involve the human touch. These systems also make fewer errors than we do, which means you run a tighter ship. 

It’s hard to adopt or embrace new technologies if your employees are resistant to them, though. So make sure everyone is on board before implementing new systems. 

Many people dislike change. Rather than fight it, let team members air their thoughts, concerns and questions. Do your best to address them and reassure employees that technology isn’t here to steal their jobs. The old systems may be familiar, but the new ones will yield better results. And that you’re here to ensure a seamless transition to the new system. 

You have to do your part, too. This involves introducing new technology at the right time (not during, say, a merger or right before a holiday weekend or big presentation). You want to parse out these tech adoptions to ensure you don’t overwhelm your team with too much change or too many systems at once. Finally, it’s your job to ensure all changes are properly communicated to your team in a timely manner.  

The best way to do this is through…


Show employees how the new technology works, what purpose it will serve and how it will benefit their lives. It always helps to go a step further and mention how this new tool will free up time for them, thereby opening them up to new opportunities and more exciting goals!


You’ve invested in the technology, now you have to invest in the training. What’s intuitive for some may not be intuitive for others. Some software programs can walk employees through a new resource, while others may require an interactive training session or even one-on-one support. Getting up to speed on the latest technologies can take a little time and effort, but these upfront investments are worth it on the back end. 


Good communication will go far when your team is adopting new technologies, but that shouldn’t stop after the adoption phase. Updates keep your resources running as efficiently as possible. So be sure to keep employees informed of these updates. This may once again involve some education and time investments. 

Track Metrics

Many smart technologies have the ability to track and analyze certain metrics, such as the volume of loan applications or how fast a team member responds via an app. Use your technology’s metrics to ensure employees are not just embracing but understanding and appreciating how to use these tools to their fullest. The metrics can oftentimes tell you where improvement lies.

Adopting a new platform or a new way of doing things isn’t always easy, but it can be necessary and, yes, extremely beneficial. This process can go a lot smoother if you’re proactive in your approach with employees. 

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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