Make Success a ‘Routine’ Occurrence

Success doesn’t just happen overnight, but if we internalize the habits that lead to outward success, we can increase our odds for a happy outcome.

darren-nolander-routine-featuredWe’ve all heard inspirational stories, such as Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” that outline the path of an individual’s success. There are tons of books, websites, apps and podcasts that are filled with winning formulas that have worked for other people. While some of these strategies will undoubtedly help you become more focused, disciplined and, hopefully, successful, I challenge you to find your own successful habits – and then incorporate them into your routine for continued fulfillment.

These habits can take any form, from making your bed in the morning to getting in a two-mile run after work, or even blocking out a period of time on Wednesday to catch up on unreturned calls and emails. Only you can determine what your successful habits are but, luckily, there are ways to flush them out.

Do you find you have more energy, endurance and enthusiasm when you meet with clients if you had a breakfast smoothie or attended that 7 a.m. Crossfit session? Great. That’s in. Do you see the amount of face-to-face meetings you book increase after you clean out your inbox on Friday mornings? I see a new weekly habit to add to the calendar.

Sussing out the activities and behaviors that leave us feeling good mentally and physically can be easy if we just give it a little thought. For those other habits that we don’t even know we’re doing, yet are nevertheless contributing to our success, it may take more examination, but not by much. Look back at your last five successful loan transactions (or whatever barometer you would like to use). Make a list of all the behaviors you engaged in, then find the positive patterns and begin incorporating those into your daily, weekly or monthly routines for continued success. Adjust as necessary.

Success doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can often be as easy as building upon what we do well, and fostering those activities that motivate us to do well. Figure out what those are for you, and you’ve found the Golden Goose!

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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