Make Sure You’re Five-Star Worthy

5starsReferences are what our industry – and most sales industries – is based on. Whether it’s word of mouth or online reviews, you want to ensure that your name comes out of people’s mouths…and that what they say about you is outstanding. This starts, obviously enough, with delivering the best service possible.

Everyone truly is a critic, and you should keep that in mind at every touch point. Whether it’s an initial meeting, phone call, question, comment or concern, make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward. This is more important than ever nowadays, particularly as market fundamentals change and the internet continues to be our go-to point of reference for virtually all goods and services.

Do a quick mental review of yourself right now. Do you think most of your clients would give you a five-star (out of five) rating? If not, why not? How can you convert that phrase “most” to “all”? And how can you turn “would” into “do”?

There’s no easy way to tell someone you’d like them to go directly to their computers and write you a glowing, 2,000-word review on Yelp. Even if they were planning to do that, this request for praise probably disincentivized them. Instead, aim to provide five-star service, whether that garners you acclaim or not. Next, use the openings available to you. If a client says “I can’t thank you enough” or “your service really was outstanding,” use this opportunity to politely thank them and mention that you would love to hear more of their feedback on Yelp, Zillow and SocialSurvey.

Let them know their opinion of you means a lot, and that you’re doing your best to get word of your services out there so you can provide other eager homebuyers with the same level of care. As customers themselves, most clients are very empathetic to how difficult it is to find a trusted, reliable, efficient loan officer. If they’ve found one in you, encourage them to share that with others to make the entire application process less scary, complicated and confusing.

You should make it a habit to share positive reviews via your social media channels. A Yelp button should also be embedded in your website, email signature and marketing materials once you’ve gotten the ball rolling. This will encourage future and current clients to turn to these opinions for clarity, and may inspire them to detail their own experiences with you.

You can also add a sentence below your signature that mentions “the best compliment you can give me is a review on Yelp.” It’s never easy to solicit praise among our clients, but when done correctly, this vehicle can open a girth of opportunities for you and your business.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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