The Missing “IT” Factor In Your Business


It can be hard to stand out when realtors and lenders are plentiful. How can you be unique, especially if you’re just beginning a career in this industry? It’s a great question, and Inman wrote a good article about it. The Resource TV had a few big takeaways from it.

  1. As soon as a product or category becomes a commodity, it leads to price suppression. If you don’t want to be a commodity, you have to be unique. Most marketers believe that the first place to start when thinking about advertising and marketing is the media — online or offline.

Inman says this is a mistake, and the Resource TV agrees. They believe the first place to start is with YOU. What are you passionate about and what is your unique value proposition? Why would someone work with you as opposed to thousands of other realtors and lenders?

Take some time to think about it, and your unique value add will become clear. When it’s clear, it’s easy to market! Marketing is the act of getting impressions, while advertising is the art of getting people to take action.

  1. Inman says there are three foundations to any marketing plan. They include message, market and the media. The message is easy. It’s what we just talked about: your value add. Market is your target market or demographic. Media is your chosen distribution method. Obviously, the Resource TV chose video! However, video is not the end all, be all, and the Resource TV believes this is where most people fail.

They obsess about their media, versus spending real time focused on crafting their message! Your message starts with the “why.” If your message is crystal clear and authentic on who you are and what your business is about, then the other two (market and media) will be crystal clear as well.

If you are having problems with market and media you may need to spend more time on message. Trust me, if the message is clear, the other two will fall into place!

Tune into this edition to hear even more about the three M’s and Inman’s article.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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