APM knows you’re only as good as your team, which is why we’re always on the hunt for the best – and you should be, too!

Some of the top characteristics we look for in loan originators include someone who is:
– Dynamic
– Organized
– Consistent
– Confident – on the phone, in writing and in person
– Collaborative
– Responsive
– Ambitious
– Motivated

Chances are, we saw these same shining attributes in you when you became part of the APM family. Great minds think alike, which is why we value the opinions and feedback of current colleagues when it comes to bringing in new recruits.

Your personal networks of friends, family and acquaintances are great places to start, as are your networks of professional contacts, which include the realtors, designers and service people you may work with on a consistent basis. Social media is always a valuable channel as well, particularly LinkedIn and any alumni- or business-related groups you’re affiliated with.

As we look to add resources to our teams, we’re excited to announce APM’s new LaunchPad program, which will help guide new APM loan originators through the process of becoming rock star LOs. This is a 12-week, comprehensive training program that can really kick start success from Day One. LaunchPad focuses on sales aptitude and cultivating a unique, enhanced client service experience. This will be extremely valuable as APM expands eastward and begins to open offices on the East Coast.

If you know anyone who fits this bill, please don’t hesitate to contact myself, Halee Kaye Daily at 916-768-8855 or Dan Santich at 916-960-5833. We’re all ears and open arms as we welcome the next generation of LOs to APM!

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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