APM’s Fall Symposium is the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself and pick up some spectacular training for simply investing your time.  There are few events that provide this level of industry training and networking with some of the best in the business.

darren-nolander-engageThe theme of Symposium is Engage. Connect. Amaze. It’s a theme that will carry through the incredible breakout sessions. Let me “break” it down for you:

Bruce Lund, director and founder of 90-Day Sales, has created a speedy, consistent program that is considered the P90X of sales. He emphasizes accountability, weekly benchmarks and monthly evaluations because, as we all know, consistency and structure are the foundations of a successful business day in and day out.

Bruce’s session will help you kick start a sales and marketing platform, maximize the value of your CRM and allow you to engage in group learning. In this breakout, you’ll learn  from a great mentor and be inspired to collaborate with others.

René Rodriguez, leadership advisor and CEO of Volentum, is an expert at harnessing the power of courage. He’s such a pro that he even has a TED talk on this subject! René’s scientific approach involves taking stress or adversity and using it to your advantage to enact change and become a better leader and salesperson.

His talk will also provide useful tips on how to effectively motivate a team without inducing feelings of failure, shame or guilt. His method starts with action, and that starts with change. Through recurring change, René believes individuals and groups can continue to evolve into their peak selves.

Brittany Hodak, co-founder of the Superfan Company (formerly ZinePak), is all about loyalty – and there are few things more pivotal in the mortgage industry than a loyal customer base. Her specialty, as you may have guessed from her company name, is harnessing the power of fandom to create super fans for any organization.

Word-of-mouth advertising is still the most effective means of securing new business because it’s an avenue based on trust. Your job, then, is to get people talking about your business. That’s done by inviting them into the story, creating a two-way conversation, and communicating effectively and regularly. Brittany is here to guide you through that journey.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know I believe in continuous improvement—in ourselves, our industry knowledge and the tools we use so we can elevate our game.

If you haven’t invested any time in yourself this year to elevate your game, there’s no time like the present. Take this opportunity to look at yourself and your business and make a conscious effort to identify one area of opportunity and a plan to deliver some growth in that area

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