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Good subject lines are everything! Subject lines can stop you in your tracks or simply fade into the background. There is a ton of strong content out there, but if it gets disseminated with a mediocre subject line, guess what? It doesn’t get opened. Many people will never get to see your hard work, all due to a weak subject line.

This theory can even apply to the homebuying process, as the Resource TV’s guest points out in this episode. A sizeable truth: first-time homebuyers typically don’t know what to do. This is mainly due to the process. Buying a house is strange to them. They can’t put it in a cart and buy it now. There’s a funny thing called paperwork, and it can require face-to-face interaction. It’s also not instantaneous. It’s essentially the opposite of everything these first-time buyers have ever experienced.

So what do we do about it? The guest tells us to dump the expert advisor role and become an interpreter. She believes we should provide our buyers with links to websites and other resources that explain the purchase process in detail and saddle them with a sample set of loan documents.

What the Resource TV has learned from this expert is that “Millennials hate paperwork. Half the time a loan officer tries to hand them copies of what they just signed. They just look at them sideways and say ‘no, thanks’ or ask for a digital copy. So I’m not so sure giving them sample paperwork is a good idea. Second, I say double down on the expert role but do it in a different way. Become an educator. This generation has something no prior generation had before them. Access to literally anything you want to know via the internet and YouTube. Free education! And Millennials consume it like crazy! Become what they want, an educator. Have resources they can consume online, when THEY want to. Short, quick videos and blogs they can consume on their own time, and make them your own.”

The Resource TV further advises that you shouldn’t provide Millennials with anonymous links as the author suggests, but rather, point them to your content. So when they finally come out from behind the computer and ask a question, you are the person they ask because you are the source and educator. Being this kind of positive addition to their lives helps build rapport and trust!

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