dn-normalI hesitate to use the phrase “new normal” because we don’t exactly know what this world will look like post-pandemic. Whatever happens, however, there is a good chance things won’t just “go back to the way they were.” We’re a different society now, with different priorities. As sellers and service providers, we have to adapt to this.

On that note, here are four considerations to keep in mind when you’re selling in the new normal:

  1. What was Hot Yesterday May Not be Today

Relevancy is everything. Maybe you structured an entire sales campaign around obtaining the American Dream at the beginning of the year. But are most people today focused on the American Dream? Or are they worried about their health, safety and livelihoods?

While everyone’s priorities are different, we have to make sure our narrative stays in tune with customer’s needs. So adjust. What are some of the other benefits of homeownership? Safety, security stability, maybe? BINGO! Now you’re on a frequency they can hear.

Never be afraid to adjust your sails or abandon course if the winds change. It’s what being a good salesperson is all about.

  1. Your Content Should Reflect Your Values

Many people think it’s enough that they have content. Any content. Throw in a few SEO terms and you’re good, right? Wrong. Content exists expressly to add value to the readers. Superficial content is not only meaningless, it wastes your time and resources!

So create your messaging and stay on point. This will once again involve writing to the customers’ priorities. Address their concerns, answer the questions they’re likely to have, share news updates they’d want to read. In essence, act like a life preserver: provide comfort when the waters are calm and safety when they’re rough.

This content benefits the clients, sure, but it also benefits you. Meaningful content delivers ideal opportunities for you to position yourself as a thought leader and trusted service provider. Think about it – these pieces are coming from you and your team – the opportunities to demonstrate your value are endless!

  1. Your Customer, Yourself

The bad news? It’s hard to sell to someone you don’t know. The good news? There’s an easy to way to get to know your customer. Put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself: if I were a first-time homebuyer right now, what would I be feeling? What questions would I have? Then move down the line. Put yourself in the shoes of borrowers who may want to refinance, who have lost a source of income, who need to close quickly, and so on.

This isn’t so much about role playing as it’s about developing empathy for the customer. There are things we “know” – that buying a home is exciting and scary, that the application process is daunting, that underwriting takes forever – and there are things we feel. Tap into what it feels like to be on the other side of that table, and I guarantee your rapport with customers will improve.

Of course, customers don’t all think alike. That’s where questions come in. You put the listening ears on and internalize where this customer is coming from and how to best help them. Customers are much more receptive when you’re collaborating with them as they work toward a common goal, versus selling them something that benefits you.

  1. Make Efficiency a Priority

New business will always be essential, but that doesn’t mean we should let our standard operations fall by the wayside. Now more than ever, you want to be sure you’re firing on all cylinders. Keep your pipelines full, pursue meaningful leads, create and automate posting and email schedules, re-examine incentive and referral programs and maintain a steady stream of reviews.

This can also be a great time to set up Zoom meetings or phone calls. The barriers to entry are lower since we’re all at home anyway, no one has to waste time traveling and these meetings tend to be substantially shorter than anything held in person. Put all these factors together, and you could knock out two to three meetings an hour from the comfort of your own home. The only problem? You actually have to schedule them! So get efficient and make it happen!

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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