The Shadow Side of Greatness


When you do the math, Picasso produced a piece of art nearly every day for 71 years. Every, single day! As the Resource TV alluded to in its Work-Life-Unbalanced show – if Picasso was doing this literally every, single day of his life then the vlog assumes he likely wasn’t focusing on being a good father, husband or friend. It goes on to explain Picasso spent his life focusing on art and had several failed marriages. This is what the hosts refer to as the “Shadow Side of Greatness.” It seems the more successful you are, the bigger the shadow. It’s not true for everyone, but when you begin studying this, you can see it’s true for a lot people.

Resource TV also points to legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. He’s gone 49-0 in the ring and earned $1.3 billion off his “greatness.” He has also faced quite a bit of trouble with the law. The qualities that went into making Mayweather great also impeded his abilities to have normal relationships. This made him what the hosts call “unbeatable in the ring but unbearable in the rest of life.”

The Resource TV also talks about the four-burner theory, referencing Tiger Woods, his success and the shadow side of it. Essentially, the higher you turn up one burner, the more you risk the other three burning out! That sounds miserable to many. I know I don’t want to do that. What do you guys think? What are your thoughts, challenges and struggles with success and the shadow side of greatness? Tune into this episode of the Resource TV, and let me know what you think!

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