darren-nolander-ruttAll sales involve some form of creativity. Whether it’s cultivating the perfect pitch, reading a client’s body language, taking a maybe to a yes or convincing someone of a product they weren’t previously considering, selling is an art, to be sure. Sales can also be scary sometimes. Cold calling, rejection, the prospect of questions we can’t answer, competition we have to stay ahead of, technology we have to stay on top of and, worst of all, a transaction that falls apart at the last minute through no fault of our own.

Yes, it’s a rough world out there, which was why I was so inspired to learn how one woman rediscovered her creative edge by trying something new. This “something new” also created a good amount of fear, which she used to fight the fear she encountered in her creative block.

Artist Marigny Goodyear was having a rough time. She couldn’t complete her art pieces due to her creative block, and a few unfortunate encounters in her personal life weren’t helping. Rather than give into this rut, she decided to physically force herself out of it by trying something new. For Marigny, that was a surf competition. No, she didn’t win any awards, but the effort required her to focus on something outside of her current problems, while her ability to actually complete a surf competition made the fear of her creative failures seem miniscule by comparison.

The next time you’re feeling stuck, mix it up a little. Fight fear with fear. Combat mental blocks with an activity that forces you to be fully present. It may be just what your brain (and body) needs to reset and re-emerge even stronger.


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