Take Your Meditation on the Road

darren-nolander-runningBy now, I’ve hopefully stressed some of the overarching benefits of meditation. While this practice can take many forms, it typically involves sitting with your legs crossed in a quiet room with your eyes closed. It doesn’t have to, however.

I – and many others – would like to think you can practice the art of meditation nearly anytime, anyplace. Whether it be waiting in a long line for lunch or driving to your next appointment or even running a few miles on the treadmill, quiet time is quiet time. And quiet time is the perfect time for self-reflection. This was why I was so excited to see an article on meditative running, which encourages mindfulness as you hit the pavement.

I love this idea for so many reasons, the first being that running, or any form of significant exertion, can be a mental game of sorts. Any quiet time to yourself is an opportunity to focus inward. Concentrate on your breathing, remember what you’re thankful for, acknowledge what you’re excelling at, and what you could improve upon. Set your intentions, pat yourself on the back for a few moments of clarity and continue on with your day. You’ll be a little wiser, deeper and richer than before you started whatever physical task that fostered this environment.

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