Talent Is Part Of The Equation


The Resource TV is once again imparting a few wise words from Gary Vaynerchuk in this episode. The advice? “You don’t need six more people on your team to get the work done…you need better players! This is a talent game.”
Gary is right, and I love that he calls himself out first. But this is a challenge we all have, maybe even more so in the real estate and lending worlds. What do we do? We say “Oh, you aren’t selling enough real estate – let’s get you a team!” Next thing you know, there’s a buyer’s agent, a selling agent and a transaction coordinator. Same goes for lending. “We aren’t closing enough transactions – let’s get you a coordinator!” Basically, let’s add more people to the equation and it will solve it! But it won’t always.

Gary’s quote hits the nail on the head. It’s a talent game! Gary’s analogy about his team playing LeBron, Durant and Carmelo is great. Heck, he could pull five more people from his company onto the court and it wouldn’t change the outcome. It’s not about numbers. It’s about talent! And don’t get me wrong, I love teams. I love building them, I love maximizing them, and I love to see when the plan works and the team wins! But we play this “people card” way too frequently and way too soon.

The Resource TV believes – and I tend to agree with them – that teams should be formed and discussed after the real estate agent or loan officer has maximized himself or herself. You introduce the notion of team when the realtor or loan officer is hitting on all cylinders and they can’t do more business because they have no more time to obtain new clients or scale their current model.

Scaling what already works. We miss that part of the equation way too frequently. We oftentimes falsely think a person’s production is low because they don’t have an assistant or transaction coordinator. That’s not true. If you simply throw people at your problem you are going to have a tough time solving it! Throwing people at your problem won’t solve it – it will simply complicate it. Teams should be formed to support what is already working. Then you can look to scale the success by adding equally talented individuals. That’s how we win! That’s how we build and scale success teams and entire companies. It’s a talent game. Gary V. is right!

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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