There’s Nothing Wrong with a Little Self-Promotion

Focus on positivity and strength, rather than negatively commenting on competition

darren-nolander-self-promotionWe’re always told to be humble. Don’t toot your own horn, no one likes a bragger and whatnot. This may be true in many cases, but we’re in the unique position of sales. It is nearly impossible to “sell” someone on a product, service or even on yourself if you cannot adequately express its enhanced value. Very few people will beat down your door, place a pen in your hand and force you to sign on the dotted line. If life worked that way, we’d all be retired by age 32!

A more accurate snapshot of our industry is one in which, yes, many people do need our products and services – but fierce competition, media hysteria, lack of financial knowledge and a general misunderstanding of what it takes (and what it doesn’t) to qualify for a loan means we have to do the heavy lifting.

There is nothing wrong with being the best, feeling secure in yourself as the best loan officer for them and remaining confident and steadfast that FAM’s products can help them build the life of their dreams. Keep this in mind when you’re “selling yourself,” an act that typically happens multiple times a day whether you’re returning an email, riding the subway, grabbing a beer at happy hour or sitting across from a potential borrower who seems like a done deal. There are always other options. People can always walk away. Others can always intercept, outbid or outperform you. Don’t let them.

Instead, focus on your experience, accolades and knowledge of this industry, coupled with FAM’s premier line of products and stellar history. There is nothing shameless about touting core values and educating people on the ways in which you or FAM built its success.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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