Things Are Looking ‘Up’

darren-nolander-looking-up-featuredWe all want to provide value-add service to our clients. The kind that lets them know, “hey, you can depend on me. I got this.” Whether that takes the form of answering questions, providing speedy responses or following up to make sure they’re on track, being of assistance in a time of need is what separates us from the competition.

That starts with upping your game. That’s right. Show up. Speed up. Wise up.

Show Up
In today’s environment, being present and on someone’s radar comes in many forms. This extends to the digital hemisphere as well. An ideal online presence would include an interactive website and social media channels that translate well on mobile devices. Google is also your friend, as is search engine optimized (SEO) content.

Remember, if people can’t find you, they can’t become your customers. If your customers can’t follow you or otherwise be reminded of you, you won’t be on the forefront of their minds when a relevant need or referral emerges.

Speed Up
What goes hand in hand with technology? Speed. Take that to heart. Reply rapidly to communications, follow up with prospects, be a quick draw on answers to likely questions. You should also ensure your office and application process run as smoothly as possible. Use technology and its many apps and alerts to your advantage. It’s essentially a digital arm that can be a touchpoint to your clients.

Make sure you’re also well-versed on all the intricacies of the online application process so you can help clients troubleshoot any speedbumps. Fast closings always garner positive feedback and reviews, so do what it takes to ensure you run a well-oiled customer service machine.

Wise Up
You’re the expert here. Utilize your knowledge and data to your client’s advantage. Tell them what they need to know, as well as what they should know to make smart choices to garner positive outcomes.

One of the best ways to maximize your knowledge is by asking questions. Get to know your clients and – as cheesy as it sounds – their hopes and fears. This places you in a powerful position to guide them in their search for homeownership and financial freedom.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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