Turn Your Website Into Your Virtual Office Space

darren-nolander-websiteWe know you take care of your office. After all, it’s the gateway most clients see when they come in for a face to face. Now that this is not possible, you want to make sure your website functions like an encounter at your office.

Aside from adding a message about how your office is dealing with COVID-19 restrictions and ensuring your contact information is up to date, you want to take this time to put your best virtual foot forward. Read over all your text and click on each link to confirm the content is accurate and up to date, and that all links are working.

Websites can be endless portals of information, so you also want to assess how that information fits on the page and whether any of your pages are too text heavy. Editing can be a very good thing!

Being a loan officer is all about providing customer service and a great experience, so apply those principals to your website as well. Make sure your site is easy to navigate, your writing is clear and concise, and the layout is aesthetically pleasing and compelling.

Another way to emphasize customer service in the time of COVID-19 is to include relevant testimonials that make clients feel you’re supportive in any environment. While it’s nice to have a few from clients you’ve worked with since this pandemic began, that’s not always possible. Instead, highlight reviews that mention how responsive you are over email or phone. How you came through even when the borrower had difficulties on their end. How you were available anytime, even outside of normal business hours. These sorts of reviews let clients know the world doesn’t stop simply because you’re not sitting in your office.

As with social media, it’s always great to include what measures you’re taking to stay safe while supporting your community. You can add a couple blog posts that outline your efforts, or mention any recent work with community organizations that have honored you in the past. If blogging isn’t your thing, you can always add a gallery to your website that showcases these photos with brief captions. The larger goal is to let clients know what you’re doing to help.

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