darren-homeAPM’s tools, resources and professionals are here to support you, the loan officer. At APM, we’re all about creating experiences that matter – and that’s because people matter. Those “people” aren’t just the borrowers. We know our most important people are standing right beside us on a daily basis. It’s our colleagues and loan officers that make the magic happen.

We’ve got great resources to enhance the magic making, so be sure you’re putting them to work! Here are just a few:


This is an educational program designed to “launch” the next generation of loan originators. This 12-week program is full of proven sales strategies and best practices, as well as functional tools that can help new LOs close loans within their first 30 to 60 days. 

LaunchPad is perfect for the entrepreneurial mindset. It will give you a well-rounded approach to finance, marketing, and sales and business development. 

AP Connect

This is our state-of-the-art lead management platform that supports APM originators and their real estate partners via lead nurturing and conversion. This tailored program leverages leads collected from online referral sources and primes them for immediate initial engagement so LOs can convert these prospects into clients. 

AP Connect helps to keep you top of mind so you can continue to work with clients and close loans, while this tool gets the next group of leads ready for business. AP Connect will obtain and manage that lead before handing it back to the LO where it can be successfully converted. 

Construction Loans

Tools are important, but so are products.

Construction loans is one of our newer products at APM, so I wanted to bring it to your attention. We’ve developed a dedicated construction team and LOs that are specially certified in construction financing. This is an amazing tool for existing clients who are looking to build a new home. 

APM offers two-time close construction loans – one loan that funds the construction phase and a second loan that pays off that loan once the home nears completion. Clients can lock in their rate and have one year to build.

Want to hear more about our construction loan products – or any of APM’s other tools? Drop us a line anytime. Part of our full-service support means being available 24/7 for questions, comments and concerns. And our team is always open to comments. In fact, many of those comments turn into new or slightly revised products and services since APM is here to serve you, the loan advisor!

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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