APMMobile1600-1Want to grow your business? In today’s competitive atmosphere, you’ve got to do more than slap your face on a bus stop. Technology and marketing are two of the most effective tools to get the job done in 2021. That’s why APM continues to invest in the American Pacific Mortgage mobile app – because we continue to invest in our loan officers.

This tech stack is curated with the end user(s) in mind – you and your customers. Going mobile isn’t about flashy fintech. It’s about taking the pain points out of the mortgage application process, ensuring your clients can find all the information and tools they need at their fingertips and providing you the ability to offer a concierge-like service, thereby elevating your status with them.

The app provides live status updates, concise communication that can walk them through the mortgage process and plenty of tools that can let them run their own scenarios without feeling like they’ve already asked too many questions. No matter how much you stress that you’re always available, clients will undoubtedly have “what if” and “if this, then what?” situations swimming in their heads. APM’s mobile app allows them to tackle all of these scenarios in the comfort and privacy of their home. It also provides transparency about the mortgage application process, earning you their trust.

I mentioned we’re always working on this app, adding new features and ensuring it remains as intuitive and useful as possible. The latest editions to the APM mobile app include a customer chat and auto-import features for all mobile applications. You can now chat to your customers through the app in real-time. This significantly cuts down on the amount of texts, emails and phone calls on each side. No need to leave the app or worry you missed a call that went to the office line.

Mobile applications are also automatically imported to our loan officers, complete with a registered local number. As always, you can customize the app features to your area and client. On the loan officer-facing side, the app lets you order credit reports, search pricing, set property taxes to your area, see appraisals and so much more.

When everyone remains on the same page – receiving real-time updates and live communication at the same time – the mortgage process is amazingly seamless. This is an invaluable tool to have right now, and APM is proud we’re the ones that can offer it to you!

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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