Be the Light in the Dark

There are so many ways to help during tough times

darren-nolander-lightThe tragedy in Las Vegas and other events that have yielded similar devastation are not far from our minds. It’s absolutely normal to feel helpless during this time, and even a little hopeless, but we don’t need to. That’s because we’re not either of those things. We can do good in the face of tragedy. We can be the light that guides the way in the dark.

How we choose to shine that light is different for everyone, but there are a few easy ways to get started. I hope they inspire you to reach out to your fellow man in whatever capacity you feel comfortable and able to give.

  • Donations

Money, time, blood, supplies. These items, which often carry very little value to us, can mean the world to a population of people who have lost so much.

  • Publicity

If you’re not in a position to give any of the above, it’s always helpful to spread the word about organizations that can provide relief. Link to details of a food drive on Facebook, share the date of a Red Cross blood drive on Instagram, tweet about a GoFundMe campaign you believe in. Let co-workers know you’re happy to take up a collection of clothes and blankets if they’d like to donate, sign petitions that focus on what politicians can do to prevent more tragedies or aid those affected, offer to make or distribute signs for your neighbor’s fundraiser.

  • A Helpful Ear

Sometimes all somebody needs is a friendly ear to listen, let them know what they’re feeling is normal and that they’re not alone. Be a good friend. Check up on neighbors, loved ones and co-workers, whether they’ve been directly affected by the crisis at hand or not.

  • Volunteer

Even if the efforts aren’t directly correlated to a specific tragedy, volunteering spreads good deeds, positivity and a feeling of hope to that community. It also does wonders for the giver – sometimes more so than for the receiver. So do yourself and your community a favor and get involved when a large-scale event has left us all hurting. Animal shelters, the homeless, youth sports in underserved communities, senior centers, orphanages can all use a dose of cheer, regardless of the day or state of the world.

Remember, the more light you shine, the more you’re able to illuminate the path in the darkness for so many.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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