‘Renting’ the American Dream

Nest eggs, emergency savings and college funds should not be put off, or suffer a major hit, in the pursuit of other goals.


The summer season is coming to a close. All those vacations, family visits and local adventures may have spurred your clients’ interests in earning some extra income through the purchase or rehabilitation of a rental property. Whether they’re targeting long-term tenants, extended-stay business travelers or weekend warriors a la Airbnb, there are many opportunities to […]

Under Pressure


The holiday season is filled with joy and cheer, not to mention a substantial amount of stress as we attempt to make sure joy and cheer is had by all. Just as many parents say vacations are rarely “vacations” – with many requiring recovery times of their own – so, too, can the holidays be […]

Receive More with Less


It’s the season to be jolly, to be with the ones we love and to give more than we receive. I’m not going to lecture you on how much better it is to give than to get, but I will mention that there are plenty of psychological benefits attached to this mentality – and I’m […]

10 Survival Tips for Holiday Eating



The holiday eating season can wreak havoc on your diet. There are the traditional holiday meals, plus countless parties and events hosted by friends, co-workers, and relatives throughout the season. As a result, American adults usually gain one to two pounds each year – including slightly less than one pound during the holidays. That might […]

Thanks are in Order


I truly hope you’re not too tied down to your laptop, tablet, smartphone, email or social media accounts to really enjoy the fun, food, festivities and family that this holiday has come to embody. If you compare the items in the first list with those in the second, I think anyone would tell you the […]