Communicating During Covid

darren-nolander-say-helloWe know face-to-face meetings have disappeared due to the coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with current and prospective clients in an effective manner. In fact, you should be communicating with them, now more than ever.

Uncertain times often lead to insecurity and lots of questions. As a trusted mortgage professional, your job is to make sure your team, clients, partners and followers feel as secure as they can.

So, open the lines of communication!


This is the perfect time to do a sweep of your website to make sure everything is up to date. Beyond that, post a public update that lets your visitors know how you’re handling the current situation. You can mention that you’re working from home, any change in hours, the best way to reach you and how you’re ensuring business continues uninterrupted.

While you want clients to feel secure, you also don’t want to ignore the pandemic or act like nothing has changed. Address what you can, and try to put everyone’s minds at ease. It’s always nice to include a message of thanks to first responders, or a list of organizations providing help during this time. The purpose of this website update is to make sure clients feel acknowledged and supported. We need them to know they’re not alone.


I’m sure you’ve seen the memes poking fun at the number of emails we’re all getting from corporations outlining their diligent handling of COVID-19. I, personally, really don’t need to know how the auto body shop I used one time on a road trip is tackling this pandemic. So don’t be that guy.

This does not mean you should abstain from emailing your customers, however. Staying in touch is great – when you have something to say! So say something. Ask how they’re doing. If you have information about their family, include that as well. Little tidbits like “did Bobby stay near school in Chicago, or did he come home?” or “I’m sure it’s not the celebration you pictured, but I hope you and Cheryl enjoy your anniversary” can make people feel acknowledged and connected.

The only rule here? No selling. You’re simply showing you care. It’s fine to mention that you’re here if they have any questions or ever need to talk, but resist the urge to include tacky statements. “If you’re worried about money,” “speaking of your financial future” or “it’s never been a better time to refinance” are inappropriate things to hear right now as families worry about their well-being.

Social Media

The nice thing about social media is you can disseminate a variety of tidbits whenever you like. Make it a point to pass on relevant homebuying, mortgage and interest rate news. Link to heartwarming stories about everyday heroes who have stepped up during this pandemic, and share official community updates that are relevant to your region.

This is also a convenient time for your followers to get to know you better, since we’re all stuck inside on our devices anyway! Show them how you’re eating healthy, exercising or staying sane. Did you clean out your pantry or closet and wind up with a huge number of items to donate? Share it. Did you try a new recipe one of your clients recommended? Take a food pic and upload it. Did you come across a no-sew pattern for facemasks? Pass it on.

Phone and Video Chat

You want to respect people’s time and privacy, but if you have a client or two who prefers phone calls to emails, then by all means, pick up the phone. Video chatting apps and phone calls are the closest things to in-person meetings that we have right now, so utilize them when appropriate.

You can also record video messages to your clients or followers, which can be sent via email or posted to social media – again, when appropriate.

Because no one says ‘I wish I was getting more email’, it’s time to get creative. Any business relationship you put on auto-pilot becomes dangerous, so review your options and reach out.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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