darren-nolander-homeDeveloping and fostering your group’s culture can be one of the biggest joys of team building. You’ve defined your goals and core values – and that shows through your team’s synergy!

I know it can be difficult to feel like you’re still part of a team when you’re working from home. There’s no denying that. There are, however,  ways you can maintain your work culture, even from the comfort of home.

Remain Present

If you’re a team leader, your first job is to make sure you’re still seen. Your team needs to know they can rely on you for support, and that you’re still here, regardless of your actual proximity to them. The best way to maintain your team’s culture is to continue embodying it yourself.

Share & Share Alike

Keep everyone involved and engaged by creating an ongoing dialogue. This is achieved through collaboration and sharing. You can share work-related best practices, relevant news and project tasks, but this doesn’t have to end here. Share weekend plans, reading lists, workout routines and anything else that may spark conversations and ignite passions within your team.

Get Creative

We know, you can drink and video chat at the same time (after hours!). The Zoom happy hour concept has been played out, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options when it comes to keeping your team engaged. Watercooler Trivia, for instance, can make your team a weekly trivia contest. The best part? You can totally set the timing, difficulty and categories yourself, so utilize your team’s strengths or get them to bone up on their weaknesses. Either way, you’ll be tackling these challenges together!

Check In Early & Often

It’s important to check in with team members one on one, even if you’ve made it clear you’re available anytime. Some people still have trouble reaching out or asking for help, while others may not even realize it if they’re struggling with, say, working from home full-time. This small time commitment reinforces each team member is important, heard and seen. These check-ins may even inspire ideas for other team-building exercises.

Set Goals

It’s easy to wander about aimlessly when you’re working from home. The fridge is only three feet away, after all! Keep your team focused and motivated by setting goals. Create weekly and monthly goals that reinforce your team’s values, hold members accountable and recognize outstanding work. Use your check-ins to track progress and address any challenges, then be sure to shout out your outstanding team members during your larger group meetings.

It’s easy to feel isolated right now as we navigate this COVID-19 environment, but you can still keep morale high by putting in a little effort. Your team will emerge stronger and more cohesive because of it once we’re back in the office.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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