darren-nolanderA growth mindset isn’t all about seeing the glass half full. It isn’t rose-colored glasses or saying a bunch of affirmations in the mirror every day. Instead, it’s about knowing and believing that despite the challenges that come your way, you will find a way to persevere. It’s knowing that hard times don’t last – and that they peace out even faster when you’re honing your skills.

Reframing a problem can be a huge advantage when speedbumps – such as rising rates, a recession or a slowdown in the housing market – do arise. Individuals with a growth mindset will certainly find themselves in situations that are less than favorable. They’ll accrue some losses just like everyone else. But they won’t let these losses stop or derail them.

Instead of thinking “that didn’t work” or “I didn’t succeed,” they think, “I didn’t succeed…yet.” They know it’s completely possible to secure a “W,” and they’re willing to do what it takes to get there. 

Those with a growth mindset are also self-aware and are willing to advocate for themselves because they know they have to be their own biggest cheerleader. This means embracing your flaws and mistakes and viewing them as an opportunity for growth, rather than as failures. It also means practicing again and again until you’re able to master the task. 

What that task is, is up to you, but the point is the effort, patience and perseverance are there. Maybe you’re trying to improve your cold calling skills. Or you want to feel more comfortable at networking events. Or you want to make your social media videos look more professional. Whatever the case, the growth mindset acknowledges you’re not where you want to be but, with a little time, you’ll get there.

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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