It’s the Final Countdown (Fourth Quarter) – Are You Making it Count?

The homestretch is upon us. Don’t let that plate get out of focus just as you’re heading right for it.

darren-nolander-fourth-quarter-featuredI don’t need to tell you it’s the fourth quarter. A presidential election, leftover Halloween candy and impending travel plans to see relatives have done that for me. While everyone at Finance of America wants to see you celebrate with loved ones and enjoy the true spirit of the holiday season, we also want to see you reach your personal best.

We’ve all set goals throughout the year. Whether they started as New Year’s weight-loss resolutions or adjusted transaction targets based on our first-quarter performances, those little (or, hopefully, not so little) numbers and progress markers in our heads should not be thrown by the wayside just because it’s the holidays.

In fact, the opposite is true. NOW is the time to push the hardest. Run the farthest. Why? Because the finish line is in sight! The upcoming holidays also mean we have fewer business days to achieve all we still have left to get done this year. That equals more to do in even less time. Use these next 50 days or so wisely. Return those emails, reach out to those leads you keep putting off in favor of more pressing tasks and see your deals through to the end. I promise you, that champagne will be ever sweeter on New Year’s Eve if you can truly toast to a job well done and a year well lived!

Regional Vice President - Southwest

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